Dead Moon LP's

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Unknown Passage Re-issue MR-090

In the Graveyard Re-issue MR-089 $20.00

Stranded In The Mystery Zone Re-issueMRP-042 $20.00

Strange Prey Tell Re-issue MRP-041

Nervous Sooner Changes Re-issue MRP-091 $20.00

Dead Ahead T-80 $20.00

X-Ray What a way to see The Old Girl Go-Live Recording from August 1994 

Live at Satyricon VDR-1501 $20.00

The Rats
Re-issue MR-028 $20.00

The Rats -
Intermitent Signals Re-issue MR-039 $20.00

Pierced Arrows - Straight To The Heart T-82 $20.00

Pierced Arrows - Descending Shadows VCA 80014-1 $20.00

Pierced Arrows
In My Brain- Caroline 45 T-81 $8.00

Pierced Arrows Paranoia-Aint life Strange 45-T84 $8.00

Pierced Arrows
Keep Pushin-Little Did I Know T-87 $8.00

Western Front Orygun-Clementine W-7007 $8.00

VooDoo Doughnut 45 RPM - Dead Moon
Black September- Fire In The Western World - VDR-1504 $8.00

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